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Our Story

With 3.25 million km2 of ocean and 2.55 million km2 of the Exclusive Economic Zone, Indonesia has enormous potential marine wealth, including tuna and skipjack. Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of tuna, skipjack and mackerel, with the resulting export volume reaching more than 168 thousand tons per year.

To maintain the sustainability of tuna and skipjack production, PT. Tuna Indonesia Mandiri together with the Government of Indonesia are committed to supporting the conservation and management of tuna resources and always protecting their habitat.

Who We Are

Tuna Indonesia Mandiri has been in the tuna industry since 2010. We are currently processing around 15.000 MT annually of tuna raw material (caught in Indian Ocean of FAO 57 and Pacific Ocean of FAO 71), and looking forward to expand our capacity gradually, without putting aside the environment friendly and sustainability priority.

Our markets are currently Asia, Middle East and also Indonesia as domestic market.


  • To establish the centre of fisheries processing using internationally standard equipment, working procedure and human resource.
  • To produce a safe and high quality product, legal and authentic.


All of our products have passed food grade test and obtained certificates, as below







Raw Material

 PT Tuna Indonesia Mandiri uses fresh raw materials with a freezing process on board to guarantee its best quality. In order to get a fresh, stable and sustainable supply of products, collaboration with fishing communities is carried out.

Production Process

Each single stage of our processing has gone through a good production process (Good Manufacturing Practice) for the sake of maintaining consistency of product quality and safety.

Quality Control

PT Tuna Indonesia Mandiri implements a strict quality control system, including product testing and analysis which is used as an indicator in producing good and consistent products.

Our Commitment

Our solid commitment is to maintaining customer trust through superior products and services. This is achieved through the use of first quality raw materials, excellent production processes and a strict and consistent quality control system. We also have interest in the environmental aspects of marine resources by prioritizing  the principles of sustainable fisheries.

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