PT Tuna Indonesia Mandiri

Our Story

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world which has 3.25 million sq km of maritime zone, and 2.55 million sq km Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). With these vast waters, Indonesia has tremendous potential for marine wealth. Among them are tuna and skipjack. Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of tuna, skipjack, and mackarel, with export volume of over 168 thousand tons per year.

Considering the tremendous economic value of tuna that is capable to be one of the featured export opportunities, Indonesian government promotes the sustainability of tuna fisheries and tuna conservation. For that reason, the Indonesian government is committed to support the conservation and management of tuna resources through Tuna Fisheries Management Plan and continuously working together with the fishing industry in maintaining tuna habitats.

Who We Are

PT Tuna Indonesia Mandiri is a leading processor and exporter of Indonesian seafood products. For 10 years, we have cooperated with many local communities to ensure a fish, steady and sustainable supply of fisheries products. Our operations in Banyuwangi specialize in fish processing, which also include collection marketing and trading activities.

Longterm relationship and mutual partnership is our target to develop seafood business in global market.

To build fisheries resources


  • To establish the centre of fisheries processing using internationally standard equipment, working procedure and human resource.
  • To produce a safe and high quality product, legal and authentic.


Product standardization is critical in global trade. For this reason, we have passed good manufacturing practice audit and obtained various certificates to ensure the quality of our products, such as: Dolphin-Safe certificate from Earth Island Institute, Halal certificate from Indonesian Ulema Council, HACCP Certificate, CCP for fish meal, and GMP. Additionally we also obtained Kosher Certificate from Orthodox Union.







Raw Material

Product quality is determined by raw ingredients used. Our company only uses the best quality raw materials, that are achieved by immediate freezing on board.

We have cooperated with many of local fishing communities to ensure a fresh, steady and sustainable supply of fisheries products.

Production Process

We assure that each process has followed Good Manufacturing Practices. Furthermore, we always maintain the consistency of our quality and our food safety through intensive supervision program over the processing facilities.

Quality Control

With years of experience, we have a strict quality control system that includes product testing and analysis to comply with high standard of our customers. The result of this analysis is used as our basis to produce a good and consistent quality product.


Our Commitment

From the beginning we have always been fully committed to maintain customer trust by providing excellent quality products and services. The use of first grade raw ingredients, exceptional production processes, strict and consistent quality control system are the implementation of our commitment to achieve the best quality standards. As one of our social responsibility, we strive to preserve marine resources by supporting sustainable fisheries practices. We also continue to strengthen our partnerships with stakeholders, including fishermen and the surrounding communities, to form mutually beneficial cooperation today and in the future.

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